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Hair Fashion Photoshoot

Two accomplished local female artists recently collaborated on a fashion-themed photo shoot in order to bring together models, hairstylists and make up artists from varying ethnic backgrounds and give them a chance to practice their respective crafts in a professional environment.

Qiana Jones, an instructor at the Martin’s College of Cosmetology and Master hairstylist known as Ms. Keke, and Kou Vang, owner of Inspiring Elements Photography and Design, recently held a shoot at Cardinal Stritch University and Milwaukee’s lakefront that features aspiring looks for a new due.

The purpose of the shoot was to provide an opportunity for students to showcase their work in cosmetology to put their creative knowledge to good use.

The perception is that because I’m African-American, I just do African-American styling and because Kou is Hmong, she’s a Hmong photographer,” said Jones. “We are working together to take our businesses to the next level and show what we can do. In the real world, our clients are very diverse and we want our portfolios to reflect that.”

The Hair Fashion Photo shoot was held in conjunction with aspiring fashion designer Yia Xiong, whose label is called Junne; assistant photographers Ka Lo and student photographer Megan VanderWyst of cardinal Stritch University; and make-up artists Sandy, Emma and Holly.

Disclaimer: Official photos from this article will be in our official first print edition.


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