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Pagnia Xiong Releases Third Record on July 2, 2016

Hickory, North Carolina – July 2, 2016 – The Hmong music community may not be prepared for the long-awaited CD release of Wisconsin artist Pagnia Xiong on July 2, 2016. In this bold twelve-track vocal pop record, the booming, soulful vocal artist & songwriter shares nearly a decade worth of lessons in pain and joy through song.

For the past ten years, the vocal pop artist has captivated the hearts of the Hmong music scene. With over half a million views on YouTube and nearly 18,000 Facebook fans, Xiong’s music has reached thousands of listeners across the world. Known for the true-to-life stories she sings of in her previous albums, Xiong continues with a new chapter of heartfelt, honest lyrics only she can deliver with impact through her dynamic voice and music in her new album, Plhis Suab. If you don’t know Pagnia Xiong yet, you will soon.

When asked to explain the title of her new album, Plhis Suab, Xiong explains, “‘Plhis’ means to shed off the old and transform into the new. ‘Suab’ means voice. These two words, when put together, are often used to describe a young boy’s transition in becoming a teenager. As a music artist, ‘plhis suab’ is the perfect combination of words to describe how my 20s has impacted me as a songwriter, a vocalist, and a human being.” Taking full lead in the creative direction of her new record, Xiong has already named it her “most favorite album yet” and has stated that this album is only the beginning. We can certainly expect to hear and see more from Xiong in the near future.


Pagnia Xiong is an internationally recognized Hmong vocal pop recording artist from Wisconsin, most well known for her soothing, powerful ballads. She creates music to empower and inspire her listeners and has released three full albums in both English and Hmong. Xiong uses her voice as a platform to inspire Hmong music listeners across the globe to dream BIG. For more information, visit


Pagnia Xiong Music
2001 1st Avenue SW
Hickory, NC 28602


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