eye.D Magazine is a nonprofit, independent, Asian American media organization dedicated in providing and encouraging our readers through thoughtful dialogue with informative, resourceful and captivating articles.

eye.D Magazine first began it’s online publication back in the summer of 2006, which ran for three consecutive years and shut down it’s doors in the Summer of 2009, a very long hiatus.

Today, eye.D Magazine is back with a new brand and platforms with See Lo, former Executive Editorial Assistant when it first ran it’s course.

eye.D seeks to be a fresh voice, one that welcomes complex arguments and refuses to ignore the contradictory and often uncomfortable realities of life in an unequivocally world. We have a diverse audience, which keeps the dialogue dynamic and strong. We are also uniquely situated to draw in young readers who are at a critical moment in their lives—a moment when they are discovering their eyedentity (pun intended) of being Asian or American, finding answers to who they are. eye.D not only plays a role in exploring these topics, it also provides a toolkit for engaging in analysis that promotes activism and impels social change. Click here for our timeline.


eye.D will highlight individuals, groups, company, businesses who:

  • Contribute to the Asian/Hmong community in some way, shape or form.
  • exemplify respect for the environment and preservation of the world.
  • undergo projects/programs that explore or deepen the study of the human condition.
  • instigate social change and uphold civil liberty.


  • SHINE, a mini-feature on emerging artists, writers, educators, your next door neighbor-those who are unique.
  • CULTURAL CROSSING, a  social, expressive, opinionated section with articles and stories of experiences or observations of bi-cultural-ism.
  • SHOULD KNOW THIS, an educational section with facts, information on a number of subjects  from ancient cultural traditions to technology.
  • FLAVORS, a mosaic section with articles in health, spiritualism, music, beauty and  fashion tidbits.
  • YOU SAID, reader’s thoughts and comments.


Because we don’t want to see other Taylor Swift, screwed up, feel sorry for her article.
Because we DO give a damn about the world and communities  we live in and feel obligated to know more and do more.
Because we can, so we will.